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November 26th, 2008 at 3:09 am
Posted By: Kitiara
Posted in: Taming,UOCraft News

Hi all –

I’ve been working on adding a long-requested feature to the Pet Power Calculator: a resist calculation that gives higher priority to the pet’s strongest resists while negating some of the value of the pet’s weakest resists.

In theory, a pet that has extraordinary max values in one or two resists would be used to fight monsters that deal damage in those high resist areas. Let’s say a pet has awful cold resist. You wouldn’t likely take that pet out to fight against monsters that deal primarily cold damage. Therefore, the fact that the pet has low cold resist isn’t very important. If the pet has a very high max possible physical resist, though, you would want the pet to have a very high physical resist. A mediocre physical resist value on a pet with a very high possible physical resist is worth less, relatively speaking.

So – the highest resists should be worth more and the lowest worth less.

In the “current” version of the calculator, all resists are given the same weight. (That is, they’re averaged straight-up, with each resist value worth the same amount towards the overall power score).

I’m testing out the addition of a weighted average to the pet’s resist score (which then becomes 65% of the overall Power Rating).

The only pet that is using this “beta” feature currently is the Greater Dragon.

The g-dragon’s highest resist categories are Physical and Fire, with max possible ratings of 85 and 90, respectively. Those are quite nice max’s, and a g-dragon with 85 phys resist and 90 fire resist would be fairly significantly prized, regardless of what its other resists were. Therefore, I’ve weighted the greater dragon’s resists at 35% each for phys and fire, 5% for cold (the lowest resist for the g-dragon), 10% for poison, and 15% for energy.

To illustrate, a dragon with the max possible phys and fire resists and average numbers in the rest rated a 4.8 on the “new” calculator versus 4.2 on the “old” calculator.

A dragon with the max possible phys and fire resists and the lowest possible cold, poison, and energy resists rates a 4.5 on the “new” calculator.

In contrast, the same dragon with the minimum possible phys and fire but max possible cold, poison, and energy rates only a 2.8 – because its phys and fire resists are low, and those are the two most important resists for this creature.

(Note: Creatures with power ratings of 4+ are exceptional pets; 3.8+ are very good; 3+ are average, and <3 are below average). I'm interested to hear your feedback on the implementation of this feature. It is currently only active for greater dragons. You can post feedback to this thread at UOForums: http://www.uoforums.com/f1153/experimental-new-feature-in-the-pet-power-calc-55824/

If it is successful, I will add the feature to other creatures, and will also implement the same sort of weighting for pets with important skill variations. (For example, a high poisoning skill on a rune beetle is of higher importance than skills generally are on other creatures).

You can try out this new feature at:

Be sure you’re inputting data for a greater dragon. Otherwise, you’ll see the “old” results.


November 22nd, 2008 at 3:04 am
Posted By: Kitiara
Posted in: Rares & Collectibles,UOCraft News

After being inspired by a guildmate to collect in-game books, I set out to find a list of all of the stealable books to make sure my library collection was complete. Thanks to Avenhar and Cripple H in this Stratics Rares Collector thread, I was able to compile a list (and then go out and complete my set!)

Here is the compiled list of stealable books. I will add books from other sources as soon as I can find them in-game and confirm them.

List of Stealable Books

If there are any other lists of collectibles you’d like to see here, let me know – and if you have any lists to share, I’d be glad to post those as well! You can reach me via email at: uocraft [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

November 22nd, 2008 at 2:52 am
Posted By: Kitiara
Posted in: UOCraft News

Hail friends,

In an effort to become compliant with EA’s terms regarding UO fan sites and advertising such sites in-game, I am removing several advertising links from my “Friends of UOCraft” section on the left sidebar. To be “allowed” to mention the UOCraft.com URL in-game, this site cannot display advertising for anything cash-related (be it for the sale of UO items or for the sale of Corvettes), or link to sites deemed illegal by EA.

Note, though, that with regards to buying and selling UO items for real cash, this is NOT ILLEGAL according to EA. (This fact was reiterated yet again at the Chicago Town Hall Meeting by the Dev Team this past October). However, because EA wishes to remain completely uninvolved in endorsement of any item or gold sales sites, they do not allow sites mentioned in-game to endorse them.

Removing the ads and cash-related affiliate links from my site is nothing personal. I’ve also removed the PayPal donation button, as this too is not allowed by EA if I wish to be able to discuss or advertise UOCraft in-game. The end result for me is that all costs of hosting and maintaining the site fall back onto my shoulders (since the revenues from the affiliate links and advertisements did help to offset the costs of running the site). However, I do not want to run a site that could get people banned in-game just for discussing it.

If you had a reciprocal link to UOCraft, I will not be offended if you remove your link to UOCraft if I have removed my link to your site. I will personally continue to support sites like Markee Dragon’s, who has been very kind to me and UOCraft over the years in helping this site in its infancy.

To read more on the specifics of EA’s requirements of a web site that make it “OK” to discuss or link to the site in-game, see this thread on Stratics: New URL Policy Revealed

Thanks for your continued support, and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email at uocraft (at) gmail {dot} com.