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February 11th, 2009 at 12:07 am
Posted By: Kitiara
Posted in: Events

Check out the February EM events, coming soon to a shard near you!

Love and Misconception

Oceania – Saturday February 7th 11:30AM EST and Sunday February 8th 10:30 AM AEST

Sonoma – Saturday February 14th 1:00PM PST and Sunday February 15th 4PM PST

Great Lakes – Saturday February 7th 7:30PM CST

Drachenfels – Sunday February 15th 8:00pm GMT+1 and Tuesday February 17th 8:00pm GMT+1

Chesapeake – Saturday February 14th 3:00pm thru 10 pm EST

Legends – Saturday February 14th 8pm thru 10pm EST

Siege – Saturday February 14th 7PM EST Main event and 9 pm EST Tournament

Origin – Sunday February 15th 1PM PST

Atlantic – Saturday February 7th 7PM EST

Pacific – Saturday February 14th 3PM PST

Baja – Saturday February 14th 3PM PST

Lake Superior – Sunday February 15th 8pm CST

Catskills – Friday February 13th 7pm EST and Sunday February 15th 8PM EST

Lake Austin – Saturday February 14th 7 pm PST and Sunday February 15th 3 pm PST

Europa – Sunday February 15th 8pm UKtime

Napa Valley – Friday February 13th 7PM PST