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December 29th, 2010 at 9:50 pm
Posted By: Kitiara
Posted in: Taming

Regarding Bane Dragons in the Pet Power Calculator:

It was brought to my attention by Lexx Merlin that bane dragons were receiving lower than expected scores despite having high resists.

After review, I believe this is because a bane dragon can spawn with (and retain after taming) up to 125 dexterity. Therefore, in the untrained calculation, the dex value is compared to 125 (whereas with many pets, it is compared to a lower number).

For example, a cu sidhe has a max dex at fresh tame of 85, but can of course be trained up to 125. Untrained, the calculator uses 85 max dex, and trained it uses 125 max dex. In the case of the bane dragon, there’s no difference in untrained vs. trained values because they can indeed be freshly tamed with up to 125 dex.

So, relatively speaking, the “untrained” score of a bane dragon will take a negative hit in its Stats portion of the calculation. This decrease isn’t seen in cu sidhes or other pets that have a lower max dex value at fresh tame.

If you are not concerned about the fresh dex score of your bane dragon (since it can be trained up to 125 regardless of its value at tame time), simply input 125 as its dex in the “untrained” option (no matter what the actual dex is). That way, dex is no longer a negative factor in the score.

Note that this won’t work for other pets like cu sidhes; you will get an error that your pet appears to have been trained, since its max dex at fresh tame is 85. It will only work for a pet that has a max fresh tame dex of 125 (like the bane dragon). Alternately, you can use the “trained” option for any pet and input its max dex to negate the dex value from the calculation.

I have no plans to change the calculator regarding bane dragons at this time, because it is working as intended. Untrained comparison is meant for an apples-to-apples look at the birth state of the pet – not its trained potential. However, if you are not concerned about dex (since all pets can train up to their max dex), inputting 125 for the bane dragon’s dex will prevent the negative hit on its score based on low dex.

Thanks to Lexx Merlin for the input and feedback!

If you encounter any oddities with the calculator or have comments or questions, you can reach me on the Stratics Tamer board (I’m kitiara-atlantic there), or on UOForums.com (I’m kitiara there), or via email at uocraft at gmail-dot-com. ICQ is also an option – 8937263 – but mention that you’re in UO, because I get a lot of ICQ spam and ignore/decline requests from people that don’t say who they are. Thanks!