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June 28th, 2013 at 3:11 pm
Posted By: Kitiara
Posted in: Decor & Architecture,UOCraft News

Happy summer, everybody!

I’ve been playing around with custom carpets in UO. They’re most awesome because they don’t use up any house lockdowns, and you can design them in any shape or size that you need. It’s tough, though, to visualize what you want when there are so many different pieces to consider. I found myself sketching out X’s and O’s and counting up the pieces so that I’d get it right when I went shopping. With those hassles in mind, I created the Custom Carpet Designer tool. You can lay out your carpet on a nice big grid (I hope 12×12 is enough for everybody!), and the tool will calculate how many of each piece you need. When you finish your design, you can hide the grid lines and take a screenshot of your masterpiece and then go shopping for the parts!

There are a few limitations that I may or may not get around to working on. The biggest one is that you can only use one style of center piece per rug design. On the bright side, once you get the layout you want, you can toggle between the different styles to see how that size of rug looks in each style. One trick to making sure the end piece count comes out right: once you pick up a piece, make sure you drop it in the “other” area – don’t drop it into the same area you grabbed it from. (So, if you grab it from the top selection of pieces, make sure you drop it in the bottom grid, or vice versa). If you accidentally grab the wrong piece and don’t want to use that piece, still continue to drop it in the opposite area, then pick it up again and put it in its original spot. Otherwise, if you drop it in the same spot from where it came, the counter will still count it and your end tally will be off. I plan to take a look at this and find a solution, but I’ve run out of time for now and wanted to let people use the tool in the meantime!

I hope this helps all of the deco maniacs of Britannia lay carpets in style!