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January 12th, 2009 at 3:02 pm
Posted By: Kitiara
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Posted to UOHerald:

Suspicious Items: Update
Robert Mull
12 Jan 2009 11:15:52 EST

Good news everybody! Our concerns about a recent appearance of suspicious items have proven to be unfounded. They are, mostly, obtainable in ways that are long standing tradition: “oops, we didn’t lock it down, it’s decorative, and it’s been that way for a long time.” In other words, this is not the result of a new dupe.
The bulk of reports coming in were about the dinner plates, both full and dirty. It turns out that these plates are actually spawning daily. Whenever the server comes up, you should be able to pick up more.

At this point, we’ve decided to add the ability to craft plates of these types in a later Publish. The market has become unstable for them already, and a few people are hoarding them better than most real life diamond mines.

Until then, here’s our spoiler of the day: they spawn daily in the Four Huts southwest of Britain (west bridge, go south), only in Felucca. Enjoy the new found competition!

Meanwhile, we are aware of other “rares” appearing that are generic versions of more common items – these will be dealt with as exploits.

January 9th, 2009 at 1:31 pm

If you see dirty plates, 3-legged stools, “worldgem bits,” skull mugs, or plates of food for sale as rares on vendors, beware. They are not “new” rares and popular opinion is that they are likely dupes. (They’re the result of a bug exploit, at the very least).

Today’s login patch screen warns:

We’ve received multiple reports that new, supposedly “rare” items are appearing across the servers. These are not sanctioned items from the recent content patches or events, and in some cases even take on the appearance of server-birth rares.

If you find these suspicious items for sale, or see them being offered, please use the in-game reporting tool to page a GM.

Please enjoy your post holiday vendor shopping, but beware of deals that are too good to be true.

Draconi added:

Okay, Joanne is unavailable right now – can I get everyone who has information on this to email Mesanna? (barmstrong@ea.com)

I don’t have word on where this is coming from, and it seems highly suspicious, so please act with caution.

See Stratics for more commentary: New “Uber Rare” Bottles, Flasks, and other “New” Items