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January 12th, 2009 at 3:02 pm
Posted By: Kitiara
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Posted to UOHerald:

Suspicious Items: Update
Robert Mull
12 Jan 2009 11:15:52 EST

Good news everybody! Our concerns about a recent appearance of suspicious items have proven to be unfounded. They are, mostly, obtainable in ways that are long standing tradition: “oops, we didn’t lock it down, it’s decorative, and it’s been that way for a long time.” In other words, this is not the result of a new dupe.
The bulk of reports coming in were about the dinner plates, both full and dirty. It turns out that these plates are actually spawning daily. Whenever the server comes up, you should be able to pick up more.

At this point, we’ve decided to add the ability to craft plates of these types in a later Publish. The market has become unstable for them already, and a few people are hoarding them better than most real life diamond mines.

Until then, here’s our spoiler of the day: they spawn daily in the Four Huts southwest of Britain (west bridge, go south), only in Felucca. Enjoy the new found competition!

Meanwhile, we are aware of other “rares” appearing that are generic versions of more common items – these will be dealt with as exploits.

January 9th, 2009 at 1:31 pm

If you see dirty plates, 3-legged stools, “worldgem bits,” skull mugs, or plates of food for sale as rares on vendors, beware. They are not “new” rares and popular opinion is that they are likely dupes. (They’re the result of a bug exploit, at the very least).

Today’s login patch screen warns:

We’ve received multiple reports that new, supposedly “rare” items are appearing across the servers. These are not sanctioned items from the recent content patches or events, and in some cases even take on the appearance of server-birth rares.

If you find these suspicious items for sale, or see them being offered, please use the in-game reporting tool to page a GM.

Please enjoy your post holiday vendor shopping, but beware of deals that are too good to be true.

Draconi added:

Okay, Joanne is unavailable right now – can I get everyone who has information on this to email Mesanna? (barmstrong@ea.com)

I don’t have word on where this is coming from, and it seems highly suspicious, so please act with caution.

See Stratics for more commentary: New “Uber Rare” Bottles, Flasks, and other “New” Items

January 5th, 2009 at 3:36 pm
Posted By: Kitiara
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Posted on UOHerald today:

Swamp Dragon Notice
Joanne Laroche
05 Jan 2009 13:50:05 EST
We’ve received reports of players who have dyed their Swamp Dragon armor deeds with the dyes of Tokuno, and then created neon pets. These dyes were not intended to be used in this manner and those players with neon pets will find their swampies reverted to iron in the near future.

Finally, Luna bank will no longer look like a rainbow puked all over it!

December 19th, 2008 at 12:47 pm

Posted to UO Herald by Joanne Laroche on 18 Dec 2008 17:34:26.

With the new year, Sosaria’s main bank is in high need of a serious makeover. We are looking for talented designers and decorators to submit their original ideas on a great new look for the West Britain Bank. This is a permanent new look so do not focus on just a winter theme!

Contest Rules:

* You must take a screenshot of Britain Bank and decorate it with existing UO art.
* You can copy/paste existing art from elsewhere in the game on top of the bank area. You may optionally use InsideUO to grab tileart directly from UO.
* Your submission screenshot must be a JPG no bigger than 800×600.
* There will be one winner per shard, you may only win once.
* To qualify, entries must include your name and shard.
* You must have an active Ultima Online account to participate.
* Enter as often as you wish, but only one submission per e-mail.
* Submission for banks other than West Britain Bank will be dismissed.
* All entries become the property of Mythic Entertainment.


One winner per shard.

The winners will have the bank on their respective shard redecorated on both facets according to their design. A plaque will also be placed by the bank identifying the winning designer.

All winning entries will be posted here on the UOHerald once the judging has been finalized.

How to Enter:

When you are ready to submit your entry, you must include the following:

Your Character Name:
E-mail address:
Description of your renovation (optional)
Your screenshot:

Send all the above information to: uo-contests@mythic.ea.com

This is open to all active Ultima Online subscribers. Entries must be received by midnight Eastern Time on Sunday January 18th, 2009 to qualify.

Good luck and happy bank renovating!

Additional Notes:

We can accommodate designs that *add* to the structure, but not delete from it. In other words, if you want to add walls, stairs, etc, that’s fine.

* Cannot change terrain (dirt/grass/basically anything with a texture on the floor)
* Cannot change static objects (existing walls, existing items in the bank that are scenery only/can’t be interacted with)

The Terrain and Statics are global to all shards because they’re part of the map files.

However, in InsideUO, when viewing the tileart, you’ll see a section full of floor tiles. These are not terrain, and can be placed on top of it without problems. If you decide you want to redo the floor of the bank – that’s fine.

The same goes for walls – you can’t *change* the existing walls, but we can easily add walls to the existing bank. All your changes will be local to the shard, and nothing will change on the client.

Keep in mind we’d love to see what you do with the outside as well – that whole area could use some love.


All we care about is seeing a final result screenshot and a good description for the design. Don’t get caught up in asking what tools you can use – we only suggest InsideUO for browsing the art because it’s so handy.
Tim “Draconi” Cotten –
Lead Designer –
Ultima Online – EA Mythic

December 12th, 2008 at 7:26 pm
Posted By: Kitiara
Posted in: Crafting,Official UO News

Publish 57 is now on Test Center, and it includes some crafting tidbits:


* Added hitching posts to the craftable menu in tinkering.
* Added bookcase to the craftable menu in carpentry.
* Changed the skill level to work special logs into boards: Regular wood (0.0) , oak wood (65.0), ash wood (75.0), yew wood (85.0), heartwood wood (95.0), bloodwood (95.0), frostwood (95.0).

Read the entire list of Publish 57 changes.

October 18th, 2008 at 11:00 pm
Posted By: Kitiara
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Jeremy and Leurocian put on an informative show for us today in Chicago! I’ve got a ton of hand-written notes to type up, but in the meantime, here are my photos, complete with a series from the 11th Anniversary Gift presentation from Tancred RedStar to the dev team:

Ultima Online Town Hall Chicago 2008 – photos by Kitiara

And here is a minute-by-minute account of the event, as written by Dermott of LS:
Town Hall Notes

October 17th, 2008 at 1:52 am
Posted By: Kitiara
Posted in: Official UO News,Town Hall Meetings

Come out to the UO Town Hall Meeting in Chicago this weekend! I’ll be there 🙂 Look for the girl in the UOCraft.com t-shirt!

Saturday, October 18, 2008 – 3:00PM – 6:00PM

Dave & Buster’s
1030 N Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60610