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Tools for merchants, crafters, gardeners, tamers – Ultima Online

Gargoyle Book of Circles (for the exam to gain entrance to The Abyss)

Stealable Books (can also be bought from NPC Provisioners):

Beltrans Guide to Guilds
Birds of Britannia
The Bold Stranger
Britannian Flora : a Casual Guide
The Burning of Trinsic
Classic Children’s Tales, Volume 2
Classic Tales of Vesper Volume 1
Deceit: A dungeon of Horrors
Dimensional Travel, a Monograph
Ethical Hedonism: an Introduction
The Fight
A Grammar of Orcish
The Life of a Traveling Minstrel
The Major Trade Association
My Story
On the Diversity of our Land
A Politic Call to Anarchy
A Primer on Arms and Weapons
Quest of the Virtues (Volumes 1 & 2)
The Rankings of the Trade
Regarding Llamas
The Shattering
A Song of Samlethe
A Tale of Three Tribes
Talking to Wisps
Taming Dragons
Treatise on Alchemy
The Wild Girl of the Forest