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Crafter’s Retail Price Calculator

This tool has been created to help you price your crafted goods. It accepts
up to 2 raw resources (boards, ingots, cloth, leather, etc), and can be used
with any skill (carpentry, tinkering, blacksmithy, etc).

Directions: Fill in the blanks below with the appropriate information and
click "Calculate." Your results will display at the bottom.

Notes: For success rates and markup, input the percentage in whole numbers
(ie. for 90% success rate, type 90 in the box). Do not use decimals. For cost
per unit, input the price in gp of one resource unit (ie. 1 board, 1 ingot,
1 piece of cloth, etc). For number of units required, input how many of each
resource is required to craft ONE item (ie. to make one Bamboo screen, input
75 for the first resource [boards] and 60 for the second resource [cloth]).
Additional costs should be input in gp (ie. cost of saws, sewing kits, smith
hammers, etc). To find success rates and GM success rates, check the in-game
menu for your skill, or visit Stratics.

Overall Success Rate (%):

GM Success Rate (%):

Cost per Unit for first resource (cloth/ingot/board/etc) (gp):

Cost per Unit for second resource (if any) (cloth/ingot/board/etc) (gp):

Number of Units of First Resource Required per Craftable Item:

Number of Units of Second Resource Required per Craftable Item:

Additional Costs per Craftable Item (gp):

Markup (%):

Actual Cost per Craftable Item (gp):

Suggested Retail Price per Item (gp):