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How to use KR’s map to fish up MiB’s

UO Auto Map was *the* way to fish in 2D, but UOAM is no longer being developed, and since I prefer KR anyway, I figured it was about time to figure this thing out.

I was frustrated initially because the coordinates on KR’s map made no sense to me. I was seeing numbers in to 200’s South, which is impossible according to all of my maps! Turns out, KR’s map still has some bugs – but there’s a way around this coordinate display problem.

I found a thread over at Stratics that has a tool for entering waypoints of SOS maps into KR. It’s invaluable, at least if you want to fish up MiB’s this way!

Here’s the entire thread:
Stratics Message Forums: Custom Waypoints – Fishing/Entering SOS’s – Treasure Hunting/TMaps


1. Download this Excel spreadsheet (requires Microsoft Excel – though might work with other .xls-compatible spreadsheet apps like Open Office): http://www.spellweave.com/downloads/SOSentry.xls

2. Fire up KR and open up each of your MiB’s. Enter the coordinates for each SOS onto the “entry” tab in the spreadsheet.

3. When you’re done entering them all, highlight the code in the yellow XML box. Copy it to your clipboard (CTRL-C).

4. In KR, open your map. Open the map options and scroll down to the custom waypoints. Toggle on Custom 10 on the map and radar, and choose an icon (I use the small anchor icon).

5. Return to the map. Right-click on your current location on the map and create a “test” waypoint. Save it.

6. Close KR completely (exit game).

7. Browse to your user data folder (on my machine, it’s in my documents/EA Games/Ultima Online/User Data).

8. Open the waypoints.xml file in Notepad or another text editor.

9. Look for the opening and closing tags. In between, you should see lines of code starting with tag). Paste the code that you copied from the Excel spreadsheet into the waypoints.xml file, between the opening and closing root tags.

10. Save the waypoints.xml file. Close your text editor. Fire up KR and check your map. You should now see your waypoints.

Notes: Custom 10 is type=24 in the XML code. 23 is 9, 22 is 8, etc – customize as necessary. In KR’s map, the coordinates will NOT match what is on your SOS’s, but the XY latitude/longitude is correct and the waypoints as seen on the map WILL work with your SOS’s. KR must be closed in order to edit the waypoints.xml file – otherwise, your changes won’t save.

By default, the spreadsheet names all of the waypoints “SOS.” In my waypoints.xml file, I customized it a little more to name my waypoints sos1, sos2, sos3, etc, to match the way I had them organized in my pack – so I would know which one was which.