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What you choose to stock (and what will sell well) is based on many variables, including personal preference, location of your shop, and what other vendors are already available at your shop. Here are some general guidelines for popular items in the various crafting categories.

Smithy Vendor


Suits: An all-purpose suit retailer may choose to stock all colors of a particular kind of suit (full plate, light or heavy archer, ring suits, etc). Light and heavy archer suits sell the best, and full plate is rarely used except for appearances due to the high strength requirement. (That is, unless you have a suit pieced from Lower Requirements pieces).

Note that mana regeneration is an important component of many templates, and that plate armor will block active meditation, slowing mana regeneration. For that reason, leather armor sells much better than plate armor.

More specialized suit retailers will create custom suits to fight various types of monsters or to emphasize various resists. It is not difficult to achieve a 3x 60 resist suit with standard exceptional GM crafted armor. Maybe you’ll make a suit to protect from frosty creatures that do primarily Cold and Physical damage, and aim for 70 resist points in each of those 2 categories. How about a Lich Lord Defense suit, with primarily Cold and Energy protection. (Add a little Physical to protect against those standard Liches). Check out the Stratics Hunter’s Guide for damage types done by various monsters and animals. 100% LRC suits also sell well, especially if they a) require no additional jewelry, and/or b) are meddable (mage armor). For Paladins with no meditation skill, suits with high Mana Regen are a nice find.

Single Armor Pieces
: If you aren’t going to be a “stock one of every single color and piece” type of vendor, you can specialize in more desirable armor pieces. Some examples of desirable armor qualities:

– Combined total of 50 or more resist points on one piece
– Any single resist on the piece over 15%
– Metal mage armor
_ High LRC (Lower Reagent Cost): 10% or higher is good, 15% or higher is great!
– High Luck: 50 or higher base luck, or 80+ Luck enhanced will typically sell well.
– Mana Regen 2+ (good for mages, or Paladins with no meditation skill).

Weapons: With the variety of magic weapons around, it can be a tough sell to stock standard GM weapons. A blacksmith’s usefulness in this category is to be an expert at enhancing, especially with regards to metal choices that best enhance a fighter’s chances against a particular monster. Elrick de Marly and Xorph’s Bestiary is a great place to learn which metals are best to enhance weapons with against particular monsters.

Other popular modifiers:
– Super Slayer weapons, and popular lesser slayers (dragon, daemon, blood elemental). See the Slayer Weapons page at Stratics for details on super and lesser slayers.
– 20% and higher SSI (Swing Speed Increase) weapons, particularly the fast weapons (Daggers, Krysses, Cleavers, Katanas)
– Spell Channeling weapons with no penalty (ie. No “Faster Casting -1”)
– Any combination of 2 “leech” modifiers over 20%
– Hit Lightening or Hit Fireball weapons over 35%
– High Luck: 50 or higher base luck, or 80+ Luck (enhanced)