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June 15th, 2011 at 7:18 pm
Posted By: Kitiara
Posted in: Taming,UOCraft News

Greetings, Tamers!

UOCraft presents a new taming tool to help you pick the best pet for your next monster brawl: the Best Battle Pet Tool.

This tool compares the monster’s lowest 2 resists to each pet’s highest two damage output types. When a match is found, it then looks at the monster’s highest damage output type and compares it to the pet’s lowest 2 resists. If a pet is strong in damage output but weak against the monster’s damage, it is eliminated.

The result is a list of pets that have a good matchup in damage output versus the monster’s vulnerabilities, and no major weakness in terms of resist against the monster’s damage type.

Of course, there are many other variables when choosing a pet for battle, such as: will you be hunting solo or with a group? Does your pet need to act as a meat shield as opposed to a damage dealer, or do you have another meat shield coming along? Can you feasibly stand close enough to a lower-hit-point pet to keep it healed throughout the battle?

As such, just because a pet makes the Best Battle Pet list doesn’t mean it’s the best pet in every situation. I leave the more subtle variables up to you, the Animal Whisperer.

What the Best Battle Pet list does do, however, is put you in the right ballpark for experimentation with different pet options when your goal is to deal out damage. It’s a lot more creative than grabbing Frank the Tank every time you go out, and particularly when hunting in groups with other tamers, can be a lot more effective.

This can also free up opportunities to take out combinations of pets so that, for example, you can have a magic caster along with a melee damage pet, or a poisoning pet to go with the melee damage, etc.

Try it out! You might just find some new favorite pets!


Note: If you find a pet or monster that you’d like to see listed in the tool, contact Kitiara. You can view the list of which pets are available at the bottom of the results page after submitting your monster choice.

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