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July 24th, 2011 at 2:03 pm
Posted By: Kitiara
Posted in: Taming

Hi all –

Based on ongoing conversations on Stratics and UOForums, I’ve begun tweaking the Pet Power Calculator.

It now lists the percentile rankings for resists, stats, and hit points.

Note that these percentiles are NOT weighted as displayed, but are weighted as part of the overall Power Rating. (The percentile value is where your pet’s value falls within the range of min-max possible). Several people noted that they’d like to be able to evaluate their pets more granularly based on the resists, stats, or hit points. The percentile display allows such analysis.

This should clear up the confusion caused by listing the percentage of max (which was purely for informational purposes and not part of the Pet Power Rating calculation).

For the math geeks out there, the calculator adds up the max possible resists, stats, and hp and the min possible resists, stats, and hp, and compares your pet’s resists, stats, and hp to that min-max range. Then, each category is weighted (resists at 65%, HP at 25%, stats at 5%, skills at 5%) and added up. The star rating, then, is the weighted result expressed in a 0 to 5 range.

I’ve kept an abbreviated percentage of max list at the end of the results (for backward human compatibility – some people have expressed that the values are useful to them), but like before – it is just an expression of the pet’s values compared to maximum possible. These % of max numbers are *not* used in the Pet Power Rating calculation.

Regarding modifications to how skills over GM are calculated, I have yet to decide what if anything will change in the calculator. The threads linked above have tons of useful suggestions, but the sheer variety of personal preferences leads me to believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach that will work. As such, considering the relative diminished importance of skills compared to resists, HP, or stats, I’m inclined to leave the skills calculation as it is (optional, and at 5% of the overall score when included). That’s where I’m at on my thinking at the moment, but I have not yet come to a firm decision. Feel free to add feedback to either of those threads if you’ve got more convincing to do!

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