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Setting prices for *anything* in UO is a challenge, as prices tend to vary wildly from shard to shard and from player to player. However, starting and running a vendor can be a daunting task if you don’t have a clue as to where to start when pricing your wares. Your best bet is often to wander the shops on your shard and check out their pricing. Or, simply set some prices and let it fly – see how your sales do. If things sell too quickly for you to maintain stock, raise the prices. If items don’t move, lower the prices.

It is with this “let it fly” scenario that I bring you this price guide. Consider this the ballpark. If you use this guide, your prices will be in the ballpark of the norm. Track your sales or visit shops on your shard to tweak the prices to reflect more accurate levels on your shard.


Per 1,000 pieces:
Normal 12k gp
Spined 22k gp
Horned 32k gp
Barbed 42k gp

Note: Some shops will reverse the pricing on horned and barbed, as horned tends to outsell barbed. Remember though the difficulty in obtaining one over the other; you may not be willing to decrease pricing on the harder-to-get leather.


Per single ingot:
Iron 8-10 gp (NPC vendors start at 8 in most towns)
Dull 25-35 gp
Shadow 30-45 gp
Copper 40-55 gp
Bronze 50-70 gp
Gold 65-85 gp
Agapite 75-90gp
Verite 85-95 gp
Valorite 90-110 gp

Note: Ingot prices are highly variable – not only from shard to shard, but player to player. However, it is often likely that a player with a lot of gold will pay higher prices for ingots rather than mine them him or herself. While I don’t like the high prices of ingots and find many players quick to price-gouge, the old sales philosophy holds true – an ingot is worth whatever someone will pay for it.


Per single board:
8-15 gp

Note: Prices vary quite a bit from shard to shard, player to player.