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Elven Heritage Quest

Some humans in Britannia may feel a deep kinship to the Elven race. With Mondain’s Legacy, players can choose to follow this attraction and convert from human to elf by completing the Elven Heritage Quest. This quest is relatively easy and is completed by visiting a series of beings in the game and providing various trinkets to them. Aside from the first and last tasks, all others may be completed in any order. All locations are on the Trammel facet.

You may want to grab a couple of items prior to starting the quest. You will need these later:

  • 20 raw fish steaks – You can purchase these from most Fishers at the various docks, or go fishing and cut your fish into steaks.
  • A pitcher of water – Can be purchased from most innkeepers.

Beginning the Quest

To initiate the quest, visit Darius the Wise. Darius can sense your desire to walk the path of the elves, and will tell you a bit about the quest. You can find Darius in the far northwest building of the Lycaeum in Moonglow (59.25N, 149.55W). Double-click on him to initiate the conversation.


Now, it is time to begin your journey to reunite with your elven bloodline. Complete the following tasks in any order:

Arielle the Pixie

Visit Arielle the Pixie. Arielle is a happy, giggling soul and will show you the Joys of Life. You can find her amongst her pixie friends near the Spirituality shrine in Ilshenar (38.24N, 16.27E). The pixies and unicorns roaming the lands here are a friendly lot, unless you carry some negative karma with you. In that case, prepare for battle!

To begin this task, use any moongate to access Ilshenar, and choose Spirituality as your portal exit. Head north from the shrine, and you will find a pond where Arielle likes to spend time. Double-click on Arielle to speak with her.


She will instruct you to obtain 3 baubles. You can find these magical stones just east of Arielle near the flowstone (38.35N, 18.50E).


The baubles will be scattered on the ground around the area of the flowstone. Sometimes, they will be hidden behind trees. Turning on your circle of transparency can make it easier to see the baubles behind the trees.


If your eyesight isn’t what it used to be, or you’d just like an easier way to see the baubles on the ground, try this trick: press the CTRL and SHIFT keys on your keyboard simultaneously. That will bring up bars for every item on the screen. Walk around the flowstone area, pressing CTRL-SHIFT every so often. It will make finding the baubles much easier!


Gather 3 baubles and place them in your backpack. Mark them as quest items by single-left-clicking your character and choosing “Toggle Quest Item.” Target each bauble. It should turn orange to indicate that it is a quest item. Return to Arielle and speak with her. She will congratulate you on finding the joy of life!

Bravehorn the Great Heart

Visit Bravehorn the great hart. Bravehorn is a noble stag with a problem: he’s thirsty! Defend the Herd and lead Bravehorn to his favorite watering hole to get a drink.


You will find Bravehorn wandering the woods south of the Hedge Maze (73.44S, 9.8W). You will see many of his friends in the area (Bravehorn’s mates). There is light spawn in the woods, with such monsters as ettins, giant spiders, and the occasional brigand tribe. Fight off these foes as necessary, but be careful not to harm Bravehorn in the process. If you don’t see Bravehorn near his mates, you may have to wait a few minutes, as somebody else may be escorting him to the pond.

Double-click on Bravehorn to speak with him. He will tell you of his thirst and ask that you lead him to a pond. The pond is located northeast of where you found Bravehorn, just east of the Hedge Maze. Walking straight to the right on-screen will likely take you directly to the pond (63.32S, 1.3W). I say “walking” because Bravehorn isn’t the fastest stag on the block. Make sure you don’t lose Bravehorn by walking too quickly!


Bravehorn will thank you for your help in defending the herd, and you will be one step closer to your elven heritage.

Enigma the Sphinx

Visit Enigma to learn the Wisdom of the Sphinx. On the beaches south of the Compassion shrine, you will find a sphinx by the name of Enigma. He will pose to you a riddle which you must answer in order to complete this task.


Remember the pitcher of water you grabbed before starting this journey? Here’s where you’ll use it. Make sure it is handy in your backpack before heading to the beach.

Head south from the Compassion shrine to the beaches along the mountains (58.16N, 35.47E). Enigma wanders the sands quietly, but his surroundings are anything but quiet. Enemies such as earth and dull copper elementals roam the land, as do scorpions and snakes. If you are fast on your feet (and have your pitcher of water handy), you should be able to run up to Enigma and complete this task without fighting the spawn.

Double-click on Enigma to speak with him. He will offer you a riddle:

Three lives have I,

Gentle enough to soothe the skin,

Light enough to caress the sky,

Hard enough to crack rocks

What Am I?

Water, of course! Mark your pitcher of water as a quest item and double-click Enigma once again. He will congratulate you and send you on your way.

Huntsman the Centaur

Visit Huntsman the Centaur, who will judge your understanding of the Balance of Nature.


You can find Huntsman wandering the woods north of the Chaos shrine (90.15N, 24.36E). To complete this task, he must witness you slay 15 timber wolves. Be sure that Centaur is close enough to observe your fights. If he wanders off the screen, you will not get credit for your kill.

You may have to deal with a few monsters while slaying the timber wolves. Harpies, ettins, and reapers are nearby and eager to interrupt your progress. If you can handle this task and avoid falling victim to the spawn, you will be that much closer to becoming an elf.

Maul the Bear

Visit Maul the Bear. It has been a long hibernating season for Maul the Bear, and he is hungry! Bring him fish stakes to satiate his hunger.


You can find Maul on the peninsula southwest of Wrong and south of the Ice Dungeon of mainland Britannia (120.29N, 28.45E). Double-click on the bear to speak to him. He will tell you of his hunger and ask that you find him some food. Mark the 20 raw fish steaks that you brought along as a quest item and speak again to Maul. He will be very appreciative of your gift!

Strongroot the Treefellow

Visit Strongroot the Treefellow, Keeper of the Land. Bring him Sap of Sosaria to complete this task.


You will find Strongroot southeast of Shame, not far from Blighted Grove (9.55S, 51.28W). His immediate area is safe, but if you wander too far you may encounter some nasty beasts. Double-click on Strongroot and accept his request for the Sap of Sosaria.


This tree sap spawns in green potion bottles on the ground near the Yew Trees north of the Yew Graveyard (54.3N, 40.13W). Use the same CTRL-SHIFT keyboard shortcut you used to find the baubles to easily find the Sap of Sosaria flask on the ground.

Bring a bottle of the Sap of Sosaria to Strongroot and mark it as a quest item before speaking to him. Upon completion of this task, you are nearly one with your elven heritage.

Completing the Quest

To complete the quest, return to Darius the Wise in the Lycaeum in Moonglow. Before speaking with Darius, remove all of your earthly wares and place them in your backpack – clothing, armor, jewelry, weapons, etc. Dismount from your pet, if you are riding one. In this pure and enlightened state, speak with Darius. He will offer you the chance to become an elf.

If you accept, you will be able to choose an elven hairstyle, hair color and skin tone. Your being will immediately transform into elven stature, and you will gain all benefits of being an elf.