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Naxatilor’s Necklace Quest: “The Arisen”

Reward: Necklace of Diligence (Intelligence Bonus 5, Mana Regeneration 1)

This quest is fairly simple, and doesn’t require too much battle skill.

First, visit Naxatilor the quest giver in the Holy City in Ter Mur, and accept his quest. Your task is to kill EITHER 10 effete undead gargoyles, OR 10 effete putrid gargoyles, OR 10 gargoyle shades. The first two wander the streets of the Holy City at night, but if you’re not that patient, you can do the deed immediately by heading to the Tomb of the Kings.

Map of Naxatilor's Quest Location


Then, head north to the Tomb of the Kings.

Map of Tomb of the Kings

Tomb of the Kings

Enter the tomb. If there are flames and energy fields blocking your way, you will have to utter the right words to clear your path. On the left or west side of the fields, say “ord” to clear the flame. Then, walk over to the right or east side, and say “anord.” This will clear the fields and allow you to cross into the main hallway.

West side - ord East side - anord

The easiest monsters you seek are the Gargoyle Shades.

Gargoyle Shades

If you stay in the main hallway, it is likely that you won’t have to deal with any other monsters. They don’t spawn very quickly, so you may have to wait a minute or two. Don’t turn left or right down the side hallways, unless you want to stir the silver serpents and undead guardians that live there. Those won’t count towards your quest kills, and are more difficult than the gargoyle shades. The serpents, though, drop venom and snake skin (ingredients for various plant dyes and imbuing activites), and the undead guardians have some decent loot on them. Those beasts also spawn at the end of the hallway in the main room, farther north.

Once you’ve killed 10 gargoyle shades, head out (recall/sacred journey is fine) and return to visit Naxatilor. He will reward you with a fine gift: The Necklace of Diligence. Congratulations!

Necklace of Diligence