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September 21st, 2015 at 8:53 pm
Posted By: Kitiara
Posted in: Taming

For those of you looking forward to taming tigers in the new expansion, here’s some player research from Stratics. Thanks, PlayerSkillFTW!


So, i’ve been running around gathering info on Tigers with Animal Lore (i lored 50 Tigers) as well as in-combat observations, and here’s the results.
Only 1 out of the 50 Tigers was a special color, black.

Strength: 500-555
Dexterity: 85-125
Intelligence: 85-165
Health: 350-450
Stamina: 85-125
Mana: 85-165
Physical: 55-75
Fire: 20-40
Cold: 55-65
Poison: 30-40
Energy: 25-35
100% Physical
Base Damage: 18-24
Wrestling: 89.6-95.1
Tactics: 100.2-102.5
Resist: 88.4-98.0
Anatomy: 0.0

The Tiger has access to Bleed Attack, as well as a special that reduces the opponents Physical Resist by 5 for a few seconds (seen as a brief sparkle graphic). Lesser Hiryus/Hiryus also possess this attack. The Tiger is not mountable, and does not have Pack Instincts. The Tiger is often angered by tame attempts, and takes 2 Control Slots when tamed.

I then did a combat comparison between the Tiger to the current, best 2 Slot pet, the Bake Kitsune. Both were fully trained, and had good overall stats for their species. I had each attack a tame, fully trained Greater Dragon with 117.0 Wrestling, until it was redlined. It took the Tiger 1 minute and 45 seconds to redline the Greater. It took the Bake Kitsune 2 minutes, 47 seconds to redline the Greater.
So it appears the Tiger has greater offensive power than the Bake Kitsune, and is tankier against pure Physical opponents (due to higher Health and Physical Resist), but is less tanky against opponents that use magic or do melee damage other than Physical.