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Best Battle Pet Tool

Tamers – your pet is your weapon! Choose your weapon wisely.

It is very tempting to grab that ol’ tank, the Greater Dragon. It has a ton of hit points and works great as a meat shield. For that purpose, it’s a great pet. However, strategically speaking (particularly if you have other tamers bringing meat shields to a fight), there are often better choices in terms of damage output.

Of course, there are always more factors to consider (that can’t very well be taken into account by a calculator), such as whether you’re fighting solo or with a group, or whether you will be able to logistically stand close enough to a lower hit point pet to heal it regularly. These variables are left to your judgement.

Try out a pet that is custom-chosen based on its damage output strengths and the vulnerabilities of the monster you’re fighting. The results may surprise you!

What monster would you like to fight?


What pet would you like to go hunting with?