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For use with UO Assist and the 2D client:

So, you’ve heard that UO Assist is the best thing since sliced bread, and what to know how to use it to help you in your crafting adventures. Here are some useful macros for crafting and skill training. UO Assist is made by Tugsoft – download UOA at http://www.tugsoft.com/UOAssist/default.asp.

Blacksmithy Training

There are several ways you can macro smithy. It depends a bit on personal preference and your own gameplay mechanics. The first macro is for those of you who don’t have much room in the ol’ backpack, or don’t have much strength to hold many crafted items at once. The second is for those with more room in their packs and higher strength.

#1 – Make, smelt, make, smelt…

Your UOA macro should look like this when finished:

Use Item Type
Menu selection
Menu selection
Pause 2000
Use Item Type
Menu selection
Target Item Type
Menu selection

In order to create the macro, first set up your backpack. Make sure you’ve got a smithy hammer or tongs & ingots ready to go. Before recording, prime your smithy tool by creating one item of the desired type, so that UO records a “make last” item for your tool. Exit out of the smithy menu after making one item. Now, get ready to record! Open UOA and click record. Go back to UO and double-click your smithy tool, hit Make Last. Now hit Exit. Double-click your tool again, click Smelt Item, and target the item you just made. Click Exit on your crafting menu, and go back to UOA and stop recording. Now, change your smithy tool line in UOA to “Use Item Type” (right-click on “Use Item” and choose “Convert to Item Type”). Insert a pause of 2000 after your 2nd menu selection. Then change your second instance of smithy tool to Use Item Type. Change the Target (your smelting target) to Target Item Type. You’re done!

The setup Cliff Notes:
Prime the smithy tool by making an item.
Hit Record in UOA.
Double-click smithy tool, make last, exit.
Doublle-click smithy tool, smelt item, exit.
Stop recording.
Change all items to Item Type and change target to Target Item Type.

If you stock your pack with a bunch of tools and ingots, you can run this macro for quite a while without having to reload.

#2 – Make a bunch, smelt a bunch…

This here is my personal favorite, but requires a bit of room in your backpack and a good amount of strength. To set up, you must first configure a bag in your backpack to be your “recycle agent” in UOA. In UOA, click the Agents tab, and choose “Recycle Agent” from the dropdown menu. Set a bag in your pack to be your Recycle Bag. (Note: Anything you put in this bag will be recycled — SMELTED! — so don’t put your favorite weapon or armor piece in there!) Now, place all of your ingots into the Recycle bag. Make sure you’ve got a smithy tool (tongs or smith hammer) in your backpack, and we’re ready to go. First, prime your smithy tool by creating one item of your choice. This will mark your tool with a make last item. Exit the crafting menu, and hit Record in UOA. Double-click your smithy tool and click Make Last. Now click Make Last again. Ang again. And again. Click it for as many times as you’d like to loop the macro. If you click it 10 times, you’ll create 10 items. I find that 30 is a nice round number. Not too many, not too few. You’ll need an average of 200 weight points available to do a 30-batch of items in most cases. When you’re done clicking Make Last, click Exit and stop recording in UOA. Go into the Keys tab of UOA and assign a key to your new macro. If you created this macro in the “#1” macro slot, assign a key to “Play Macro #1” (etc).

Your macro should look like this when you’re done:

Menu selection
Menu selection
Menu selection
Menu selection
..... (for as many times as you hit Make Last) ....

Now, create a macro to smelt that great bag of items you just made. This is actually built into UOA, and will automatically use the bag that you previously set as your Recycle bag. Go to the Keys tab of UOA and scroll down to the “Recycle – smelt” menu item. Assign a key of your choice to that agent.

To play your macros, get yourself to a forge & anvil, and make sure that your ingots are in your Recycle bag. (If they aren’t, you’ll end up making items all over your pack and won’t be able to auto-recycle them). Double-click your smithy tool and make one of whatever you want to make. Now, press the key assigned to your first macro (the make-items macro). You may have to manually click “make last” one more time in your crafting menu – this is a quirk. Now, your macro should take over and start making items in your recycle pack. Watch your weight – if you’ve over-estimated your ability to carry items or happen to have a full backpack, your macro will start failing. If that happens, just hit your macro key once more to halt the macro. If all is well, watch your macro run to completion. Now, say goodbye to all of those nice items you just made and press the key assigned to your Recycle agent. The recycle agent will smelt everything you just made. When it tries to recycle the ingots in your recycle bag, it’ll give an error that you can’t recycle that item. Don’t worry about it. Upon completion, go get the ingots that are now in your main backpack (the ones from the items you just smelted) and drag them back into your Recycle bag. Repeat!