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For use with UO Assist and the 2D client:

So, you’ve heard that UO Assist is the best thing since sliced bread, and what to know how to use it to help you in your crafting adventures. Here are some useful macros for crafting and skill training. UO Assist is made by Tugsoft – download yours at http://www.tugsoft.com/UOAssist/default.asp.


This is actually just an in-game UO macro. UO Assist is not required for this one! You can make mining macros in UOA, but I’ve yet to find one that is as easy to use as this one.

To set up the macro, enter UO’s options screen (ALT-O by default) and choose the macro tab. Set up a new macro on whatever key you choose, with these actions:
– Last Object
– Wait for Target
– Last Target

Save your macro. To use the macro, go to a mining cave or mountain with a shovel or pickaxe. Double-click your shovel or pickaxe, and target the spot you’d like to mine. Now, hold down your macro key on the keyboard. Hold it down until the game tells you there’s no more metal to mine, then release. Move to a new spot and repeat. That’s it! While you’re holding down the macro key, in between each hit you’ll get the “you must wait…” message, but just ignore it. You will be mining as quickly as is possible, and won’t have to mess with tons of clicking or button pushing. One button, hold it down. Love it! The only time you’ll have to go back to the mouse is if you break your mining tool. In that case, just double-click a new tool and go back to pressing your macro key. It’ll work (as long as you haven’t moved from your mining spot). If you’ve moved, just target a new mining spot and go back to holding down that key.


This macro has definitely reduced my wrist strain when smelting single ore piles! Single-smelting ore is vital when you’re training your mining skill, but even at GM levels, the failure rate on the higher metals can result in painful ingot loss. So it is advised that you single-smelt your higher ore colors (unless you’re feeling really lucky!) I always single-smelt verite and valorite, at the very least. Sadly, there is no way to automate the separation of ore into single stacks, but you can eliminate some of the tedious mouse clicking and targeting by using this UOA macro.

To set up your macro, first you have to go mine a couple piles of ore (any color). Separate them into single stacks of large ore pieces. Now, go stand near a forge. You’re ready to record.

Your finished macro should look like this in UOA:

Use Item Type

To record the macro, go into UOA and hit record. Now, double-click one of your ore piles, and target the forge. Go back to UOA and stop recording. In UOA, change the “Use Item” to “Use Item Type” (via the right-click context menu). In the Keys tab of UOA, set a key for your new macro.

The nice thing about this macro is that if you fail on smelting a large ore piece, the ore will break into the small ore pieces, which will then also be automatically smelted by this macro. The macro doesn’t care if you’re smelting one large or two small ore pieces. It will attempt to smelt any single stack of ore. Note though that if you have a large stack of ore, it will attempt to smelt the entire thing.

To use this macro, separate all of your ore into single stacks in your backpack. What I do is store all of my mined ore in my beetle. Then at the forge, I open up Jonesy’s pack (the beetle) and drag off ore pieces one by one into my backpack until I’m loaded. Then I hit my macro key once, wait for smelting confirmation or burn message, and press again. Press, wait, press, wait, till all of my ore is gone. Then drag more single pieces from the beetle to my backpack and repeat.

The only thing you will have to reset on this macro each time you use it is the target for the forge (unless you always stand in the same spot next to the same forge). To reset the target, go into the UOA macro and right-click on the Target line in your macro. Choose “reset target” from the right-click context macro, then target the forge you want to use in-game.